Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Wacko

I may have grown up riding bikes in my cutt-offs or building forts in the woods barefoot, but at the heart of me, I am very much a girly-girl. The kind that enjoys matching jewelry and finds anything to be more appealing if it comes in the color pink. I paint flowers on my toenails, wear earings even while im sleeping and send Hallmark cards with a passion matched by few others. I gush over babies, watch chick flick tear jerkers with a big box of kleenex, and still daydream about Prince Charming. One of the absolute pinnacles of excitement for a hopeless romantic such as myself is the modern day wedding. How could it not be? Its soulmates and centerpieces and candlelight. Its poetry and dancing and shiny new shoes. Its I-love-you-forever, til-death-do-us-part and layer upon layer of cake. Quite simply, its FABULOUS.

And this year, I am in wedding overdrive. I will help celebrate three in a matter of 6 weeks time, two of which I will be participating as a bridesmaid, and one of those being my one and only much-loved kid brother's. Im up to my eyeballs in showers and dress fittings and luncheons. I'm casing gift registries and scrapbooking invitations all while searching for the perfect pair of strappy sandals that will somehow magically make me look less of an ogre when my water-proof mascara gives way under the strain of my overflowing tears during the ceremony. Im booking hair salon appointments, finalizing shades of nail polish and running every imaginable errand for the panic striken brides. Im planning bachelorette weekends and lingerie get togethers and brushing up on my seriously lacking caligraphy skills. Ive logged over a thousand hours in my car and far fewer in actual sleep. Not to mention the boderline dehydration due to stamp lickage.

I breezed in to work this morning with my coffee and today's lengthy checklist of things that need doing, as i have every day for the past several months. A co-worker marveled once again at the process of it all, and posed the question, "WHY do you do it?" I paused only for a second, because the answer really seemed quite clear. "Because for a moment, im able to be part of the magic. Im there when two souls become one.....when they take the first steps down the path of forever." Her response, "Lifetime called. They want their movie script back. And P.S. the part of YOU will be cast as one Miss Kelly Martin of Life Goes On fame."

If i can ever stop laughing long enough, i might realize she is right that I have quite frankly lost my mind.


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